Go Governance


The Institute for Go-Governance was co-founded in 2011-12 by Dr Melanie Sully and Dr Josef Mantl as an independent Institute based in Vienna to promote and co-ordinate research and projects on the topics of democratic governance and related fields.

It is officially registered as an association in accordance with Austrian law and has an elected executive board. Finances are subjected to external audit.

Go-Governance has several main areas of work including

  • the culture of governance, the role of diplomacy
  • social media and communication; mobile governance, open government
  • comparative parliamentary democracy, legislative standards, codes of conduct
  • political participation, representation, integration, gender, youth
  • political parties and elections, direct democracy
  • European political culture and history
  • the role of cities in democratic governance
  • governance and cross border understanding in the Black Sea Region, West Balkans

International partners such as the OSCE, EU and the Assembly of European Regions have participated in the projects with local civil society representatives and the academic community. In addition to publications there have been a series of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and round tables engaging youth and interested parties in discussions on European affairs.


Director of the Institute for Go-Governance is Prof Dr Melanie Sully.

Deputy is Dr Josef Mantl www.josefmantl.com

Treasurer Alexandra Dancasiu

Secretary Wolfgang Warum

Honorary members and advisors include Mag Thomas Resch, Ambassador (ret) Jakub Forst-Battaglia and Dr Oskar Wawra.

Bild © Ernst Weingartner


From 2011 to 2016 the Institute was engaged in the Black Sea Region holding conferences and Summer Schools for young people. Venues included Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and the Republic of Moldova.

Publications followed and an award scheme organised together with the City of Vienna and the Austrian Foreign Ministry for civil society projects in the Region.

Bild © Ernst Weingartner