Melanie first started playing the piano at the age 10 and took in all four exams of the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music in London and two in violin. After a long (very long) break she started once again purely as a hobby and began with the help of professionals in Austria and the UK music theory and basic composition. The piano, Bohemia, a model from 2004 was manufactured in Iglau (Jihlava), in the Czech Republic.


Pets, people and photos are a feature of social media globally. Even more interesting though are photos taken before the Selfie age when pets did not have the same status as today. What do they tell us about people and the time they lived?


Many places far and near have a fascination. But one particular journey was like setting foot on another planet viz. Antarctic. Aboard a former Soviet research ship (a trip organised by a Canadian company) icebergs were navigated to dock at 63◦ 31’S 56◦ 53’W. A further visit was made to the old British Base A at Port Lockroy  – the expedition required technical know-how and equipment.